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What you need

  • Raspberry Pi Model B
  • SD card
  • Cabled internet (at least for first config)
  • Other computer connected to the same network

Also pretty useful:

  • Powered USB hub, check this list of working Hardware
  • Bitcoin miner such as a Block eruptor

Installation Part 1 - Get your pi running

  • Download the latest release from Sourceforge.
  • Unzip it.
  • Write this image file to an SD card. The SD card will need to be 2GB or larger. How to write MinePeon to SD
  • Insert the SD card into your Pi.
  • Insert internet cable.
  • Insert power cable.
  • MinePeon is now booting. It takes about 15 seconds.

Installation Part 2 - Find your MinePeon in the network

  • Look at this page if you have USB WiFi and need to set it up.
  • Lookup the IP How to find the IP address of your Raspberry Pi
    • With a keyboard/screen connected: use login credentials below and type ifconfig|grep inet.
    • Headless: check your router for recently attached devices.
    • Headless: do nmap or ping from another computer in the network.
  • Type this IP address directly into your web browser.
  • A login screen should come up, use the following credentials:
  • New: first there is a screen with a MinePeon logo. Click login.
Username: minepeon
Password: peon

Due to MinePeon using a self certified certificate, you will get warnings of impending doom and that the end of the world will happen if you continue. Click on proceed anyway and you will be asked to log in again.

When you login again, please remember to go to the settings page and change your password.

Installation Part 3 - Configure MinePeon

  • Go to the pools page to change the default pools.
  • Go to the settings page to set the correct timezone.

New: Consider to enable/disable automatic recovery and e-mail alerts

Installation Part 4 - Plug in those miners

  • Plug in the powered USB hub
  • Plug in your miners in the hub. cgminer should find them automatically.
  • The Raspberry Pi’s USB ports are limited to 140mA, that’s barely enough for a keyboard and a mouse, it WILL NOT run your miner!


When everything is set up, you can review if all of your devices have been found.

New: On the advanced page, the hashrate will be updated each 30 seconds.