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Peons in feudal times were indentured vassals, often assigned dangerous, tedious and unpleasant work, like mining. -- The MineForeman


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The latest official release is available for download at SourceForge.

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Current development plans and how to get involved: Development

New release: 0.2.4

More details at the blog

Changes under the hood:

  • bfgminer now the default miner
  • Update to bfgminer 3.4.0
  • Update to cgminer 3.6.4
  • Major rebuild of the underlying system
  • Greater support for more devices
  • Restart the miner and shutdown or restart the Raspberry Pi from the web interface
  • Backup all settings and statistics
  • Support for Plugins

Old release: 0.2.3

More details on the Bitcointalk forum post.

Changes under the hood:

  • Update to cgminer 3.3.4
  • Full rebuild of underlining Arch Linux
  • Email notification of issues
  • Recover after issues
  • Improved donate system

Changes in the WebUI

  • Bootstrap 3 RC1
  • Dynamic interface written built with AngularJS, see "Advanced"
  • Complete miner configuration
  • Backup settings
  • Better documentation


  • Mining with cgminer and bfgminer!
  • Email notification of issues
  • Recover after issues
  • Web user interface
    • Dynamic interface written built with AngularJS
    • RRD Graphs of hashrate
    • Stats from cgminer
    • Editable miner configuration
    • Miner control: restart
    • Backup settings
  • Fits onto a 2 GB SD card
  • Custom built of cgminer 3.3.4


4x BFL FPGA running off 1 MinePeon


Main Interface

Extended Graphs


Official Forums: MinePeon Forums

You are very welcome to contribute to MinePeon on Github:

The core system: MinePeon

The Web user interface: MinePeonWebUI

Wiki pages (not-so-up-to-date): License - TODO - Donate - Forum Threads - Thanks - Design Philosophy - Git - Hardware -