MinePeonLogoMinePeon users have been asking for this for a while and I am finally glad to announce, MinePeon has been ported!

For now it is just for the BeagleBone Black and while it is very Alpha but it appears very stable.  Plans for he x86/64 version are still in the pipeline.

I have made up a few quick install instructions below and I welcome everyone who wants to test. I have also made up a sub board on the MinePeon forums for bug reports etc.

Recommended before you start;-

Update your BeagleBone Black to the latest Angstrom with the following link. This is not totally necessary but some old versions required you to push the boot button on the board while booting from the SD card. Newer versions allow you to just put the SD card in and it will boot from that by default.

Install Instructions

​1. Download the image MinePeon- from;-

​2. Write the image to a SD card (minimum 2GB). You can use the instructions here for that;- ... Peon_to_SD

​3. Insert your SD card into your BeagleBone Black, plug in your hubs/miners and power on.

​4. Everything else should be just like the Raspberry Pi.

​5. Report your findings on the MinePeon forums (!



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